Tridosha Salts

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Tridosha “Salt of the Sea” is a balance of ingredients from the earth and the sea.

Tridosha uses all natural ingredients to blend Australian sea salt, cracked peppercorns and a world of herbs and spices – it is the perfect pantry essential.

Australia is surrounded by some of the most pristine oceans in the world and with an awareness of food miles and finite global resources - Tridosha uses Australian sea salt, all natural ingredients and no preservatives or additives.

All salts are blended with organic and wild crafted ingredients where possible, with some of our raw ingredients actually grown by Tridosha.

Tridosha “Salt of the Sea” ‘is our original artisan product created by Tridosha over twenty years ago, and continues to promote our principles of sustainability through packaging and ethical choices.

All Tridosha products are hand blended and packaged in Australia.


Chilli Bayou - baby chilli pepper and sun-dried tomato blended to create the best pepper steak, chilli prawn, stir fry or french fries.

Citrus Siam - A fresh light blend of lemon grass and sesame to sprinkle on seafood or chicken.

Mediterano - Basil & sundried tomato blended to enhance any Italian dish, and perfect on eggs, salads and all vegetable dishes.

Native Spice - The unique Australian blend of native ingredients - to sprinkle on any seafood, or chicken dish.

Indian Summer - A warm blend of pink peppercorns, yellow mustard seeds and cumin seed. Perfect with beef, pork and lamb and vegetable dishes such as potato or cauliflower.