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This Heaven In Earth collection is a retro-style and has a timeless appeal we just love. 



Glass base and lid.


Dishwasher safe. Wash before use.




Salt Pot is made of elegant glass and comes wooden scoop. It has been beautifully designed to make seasoning effortlessly easy, leave it out by the cooker, or find a place for it on the kitchen table. Designed in Australia it is dishwasher safe but do handwash the wooden scoop.

8cm high x 10cm wid

Dishwasher safe. Wash before use.




Crafted in quality glass, with a variety of measurements and a sizable capacity, you’ll always be able to squeeze out the perfect amount of juice, whether your working in cups, ounces or fractions of a pint, this Glass Juicer and Jug caters for every type of measurement, making it a must have kitchen accessory.

Dishwasher safe. Wash before use.